Tech Start-up Ecosystem in Dar es Salaam : Findings and Recommendations

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Tech Start-up Ecosystem in Dar es Salaam : Findings and Recommendations

Technology is one of the main drivers of productivity and economic growth. Developing countries have traditionally had difficulties in both developing technology and absorbing foreign technology. Seventy to eighty percent of the productivity gap between developed and developing countries is estimated to result from the lag in the adoption of technologies in these countries.

Tech start-ups are an effective a mechanism to both create local technology and absorb foreign technology. In recent years, there has been a surge in tech start-ups across the world.

Fueled by global technology-led cost reductions and increased access to resources, tech entrepreneurs have emerged in both develop and developing countries. However, there is little understanding of how these tech entrepreneurs form ecosystems, their internal dynamics, how they work, what makes them grow and achieve sustainability, how they connect with the local economy to drive productivity and employment, and why some ecosystems are more effective than others.

The objective of this report is to provide a better understanding of the status of Dar Es Salaam’s start-up ecosystem and provide policy recommendations for policy makers and other stakeholders who are interested in supporting the growth and sustainability of the ecosystem.


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World Bank


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