About Us

Gleamforth is an innovative platform that connects, inspires, equips, and empowers Entrepreneurs, Leaders, Innovators and Game Changers Globally. It's a place for global startup ecosystem synergy, collaboration and connectivity.

A Platform for all things Technological Innovations, the Marketplace and Leaders of the 21st Century.  A place for Informative, Educative and Insightful Resources,  Innovations that is shaping the future and changing the world.

We facilitate collaboration and encourage connectivity and communication between Global Innovation Ecosystem Stakeholders (GIES), Industry Practitioners, Startups, Researchers, Policy Makers, Investors, Mentors, and Enabler Organisations.

Our believe is that "the greatest form of philanthropy is an investment in an entrepreneur and young leaders.” And for successful entrepreneurs this is a platform for you to share your knowledge and experience with upcoming or aspiring entrepreneurs and innovators. They will  shape the future and change the world!

"Don’t let your knowledge and experience die with you, If you don’t teach it or write it down, the accumulated knowledge of your career is gone"   

Steve Blank